New Single «I’m Not A Stone»

posted in 26 February 2021

«I’m Not A Stone» is the first single from the third album by Barcelona singer Leila Sound. It is the first of the 10 tracks that are part of her third album «NOSTALGICOHOLIC» which will be released soon. This song vindicates the emotional honesty with others but especially with oneself. It also vindicates the weakness as something inherent in human beings. Watch & share it!


posted in 26 February 2021

Leila Sound will soon release her third album «NOSTALGICOHOLIC». From the hand of the producer Enric Peinado (Big Menú, Nathy Peluso…) Leila evolves towards a more current sound without neglecting her influences. It is the artist’s most eclectic album since all her ways of feeling are mixed, being able to hear electronic sounds in some songs, a more traditional soul in others, a thug bebop, rock moments and her facet as a singer-songwriter where the lyrics are absolute protagonists.

Leila at the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival

posted in 1 June 2018

The Jardins de Pedralbes Festival reaches its sixth edition and Leila is one of the invited artists for 2 major concerts. The first, June 24, heating up engines for the great Tom Jones concert. The second, July 1, celebrating the day of family music. Do not miss it! All the info here and here!


posted in 25 January 2018

Lots of music! Leila is already working on the highly anticipated third album… Stay tuned here!

«Mai» Video

posted in 21 November 2016

Video premiere of the single «Mai», the first single in Catalan by Leila. Let’s make it a hit on social networks, share it!

«If You Need Freedom» Video

posted in 29 April 2016

The music video for «If You Need Freedom», the second single from the album «Black Roses», it’s here! Watch & share it!

Leila in Cadena SER

posted in 26 November 2015

The program ‘Espècies Protegides’ by Cadena SER interviews Leila. Listen to the Podcast here and watch the video of the performance.

La Tribu de Catalunya Ràdio

posted in 20 November 2015

We have been presenting the album «Black Roses» in the program ‘La Tribu de Catalunya Radio’. Listen to the Podcast

«Black Roses is a tribute»

posted in 17 November 2015

‘Histéricas Grabaciones’ interviews Leila. Read it here

«Dreams and secrets from… Leila»

posted in 5 November 2015

‘Le Cool Barcelona’ interviews Leila. Read here

«A fresh album, very creative…»

posted in 1 November 2015

‘La Música Amanseix Les Feres’ reviews the new album «Black Roses» from Leila. Read here

Leila in El Punt Avui Televisió

posted in 1 October 2015

Our step by ‘Grup Enderrock’ last week with interview and live! You can watch the video here!

«Black Roses» Video

posted in 28 September 2015

Video premiere of the single «Black Roses». Let’s make it a hit on social networks, share it!

«Chameleonic, intense and deep»

posted in 12 August 2015

‘’ interviews Leila. Read it here

Leila in “L’Altra Cara de la Lluna”

posted in 29 June 2015

Nando Caballero, from ‘La Xarxa’, interviews Leila. Listen here, at minut 36!

«Black Roses» Official Release Party

posted in 24 June 2015

This friday, June 26, in the Barts Club will take place the «Black Roses» official release party. We hope to see you all there to celebrate and enjoy a special evening full of soul, funk and good energy, with special guests and surprises! Join the event on Facebook and spread the word!

Leila in Catalunya Ràdio

posted in 23 June 2015

Leila has been in “El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio” to talk about the new album «Black Roses». After the interview with Mònica Terribas, Leila has presented live one of the new songs, «Lady Delicious». You can watch the video here!

«Black Roses» release

posted in 16 June 2015

On June 16, 2015 Leila’s second work «Black Roses» was released worldwide. You can listen it here or get your copy at iTunes, Spotify or Amazon.

We got «Black Roses»

posted in 12 June 2015

The CD’s have just arrived! And it’s very close for you to hear it and have it… ;)

Success in the Jamboree Jazz Club

posted in 15 May 2015

So was the concert of the tracks preview of the upcoming album, in the Jamboree Jazz Club! A good warm up for the official presentation of the album in June! For those who missed the concert, look at the photos on Facebook, here and here!

Blackcelona Explosion!

posted in 1 May 2015

The Blackcelona Explosion! returns, the spring festival of black music par excellence of Barcelona and Leila marks presence again with the highly anticipated concert at the Jamboree Jazz Club, on May 14, in which will premiere the themes of her anticipated new album «Black Roses». and the Ara Journal of Catalunya echoes the news.

Garden Music Experience

posted in 9 April 2015

Here you can see the Extended Experience of the Garden Musicsessions recorded a few months ago. With themes from the upcoming album: «Love», «Mai» and «Lady Delicious» and an interview with Leila.

«Black Roses» music video shooting

posted in 1 April 2015

The music video for «Black Roses», single from the new album, is on its way and looks soooo good!!! Stay tuned here!

Soul Sisters Blackcelona

posted in 3 March 2015

Leila is part of «Femení Singular: Soul Sisters Blackcelona & The Slingshots» at the Music Hall of Barcelona: a tour of the black music of the 60s, 70s and 80s, by the hand of Blackcelona and Curtcircuit, in celebration of the International Day of the Working Women!

RECording Sessions

posted in 13 February 2015

The second album is being cooked… Here you can see photos of the recording sessions!

In studio…

posted in 10 January 2015

A lot of work, lots of music! Leila is with the production of the highly anticipated second album… 2015 will be a great year! Stay tuned here!

#1 at SoulSpain’s Top10

posted in 19 December 2014

Having been at #1 with «Mr.O», now it’s up to «A Little Bit Bitter» that leads from the beginning of December the first position of SoulSpain’s TOP10!

Leila in Canal Terrassa

posted in 27 November 2014

Leila played an acoustic version in duo format of «Talk About» at ‘Som Aquí de Nit’ program of Canal Terrassa. The video here

Leila in Ràdio Arenys

posted in 26 November 2014

Leila recorded an acoustic session in ‘Els Acústics’ from Estudi 3 of Ràdio Arenys. Watch the videos here for «Much More Than Music» and «A Little Bit Bitter».

La Marató de Boca Ràdio 90.1FM

posted in 22 November 2014

Leila was in La Marató de Boca Ràdio 90.1FM playing in duet format the single «Much More Than Music» and a preview of their second album, «Lady Delicious». The video here

Leila in Divendres TV3

posted in 20 November 2014

Leila was at ‘Divendres’ program from TV3 presenting the album «Influences» with the single «Mr.O». The video here

«We musicians do not ask much…»

posted in 13 November 2014

‘Ràdio Santa Perpètua’ interviews Leila. Listen here

«Lady Delicious» in ‘Acustik’

posted in 12 November 2014

Leila, the emerging voice of Barcelona’s soul, presents «Lady Delicious» in acoustic session in duo format at ‘Acustik’ program from La Vanguardia Digital. This single will be included in the second album, already in production and will be released in 2015. The video here

«We were mesmerized by Leila»

posted in 5 November 2014

Leila appears in the november issue of the digital magazine LaCarne Magazine! The interview here

«A different Leila in each tune»

posted in 3 November 2014

‘La Sala 101’ reviews and interviews Leila. Read here

«Toned voice to a smooth jazz»

posted in 27 October 2014

A review from ‘LaFonoteca’. Read it here

«From Barcelona comes the soul of Leila»

posted in 25 October 2014

A review from ‘Colectivo de Raro Propósito’. The article here

«Vivid memories in the skin»

posted in 18 September 2014

‘Ocho Pistas’ just published a review on Leila. Read it here

«Like a breath of fresh air!»

posted in 22 August 2014

‘Sixtars’ interviews Leila. Read it here

«Influences, a special album»

posted in 24 July 2014

Bossuchannel heard «Influences» and wrote that the album contains «songs that surpass anyone’s forecast been made, Influences is an ongoing journey toward the unknown that makes everything a mystery surrounded with a elegant fragrance». Read it here

Leila in Enderrock TV

posted in 10 July 2014

To celebrate the ‘Night of Black Music’ on the set of El Punt Avui with, Leila presented the album «Influences» with the acoustic version of «This Part Of Me». Watch it here and we expect your comments on Facebook!

At SoulSpain’s TOP10 again!

posted in 6 July 2014

Leila remains strong in the key positions of SoulSpain’s TOP10. Having been at #1 with «Mr.O», now it’s up to «A Little Bit Bitter» which has reached #2 on the list!

Now available in Fnac and El Corte Inglés

posted in 13 February 2014

We inform you that «Influences» is now available at Fnac and El Corte Inglés stores!

‘Blackcelona Vol.2’ CD

posted in 4 February 2014

Is being cooked the second volume of the compilation disc of Blackcelona, to be published next March under the seal Discmedi. This edition of the album features many bands that are renewing the soul & funk scene of Barcelona and Leila will be included. We will keep you informed!

Success in the Casino of Barcelona

posted in 3 February 2014

The Friday Sessions concert at the Casino de Barcelona, ​​organized by Blackcelona, was a success. Here you can view the photos, by Anna Martorell. Thanks to everyone who came!

First concerts of 2014

posted in 1 January 2014

Firstly, Leila and his Team wish you a big 2014 full of music and positivity! And to start big the 2014 we have new concert dates! Check them here or follow all the news on Facebook! See you there!

Still on sale!

posted in 8 November 2013

You can also buy the physical disc at Riff-Raff Discos c/ Enric Prat de la Riba nº243 Hospitalet de Llobregat. Enjoy it!

Guide Soul’N’Funk from

posted in 6 November 2013 just published «a guide to all the colors of black music from Barcelona». And Leila is mentioned ;) Read it here!

Leila in ‘Voces Con Alma’

posted in 25 October 2013

Toni Pola, from Brújula Emocional FM, interviews Leila at his program ‘Voces Con Alma’. According to Leila «this interview is a journey through my album that allows you to understand it a little better». Listen to it here!

Blackcelona Explosion!

posted in 24 September 2013

Leila will be in the new edition of Blackcelona Explosion! 3rd Exhibition of Black Music of BCN, organized by Blackcelona and wants to show the vitality, quality and effervescence of the artists who move within the soul & funk in Barcelona. So on November 23, 2013 in Espai Jove Boca Nord at 10PM, Leila will be taking the stage again! Are you going to miss it?

Leila’s Comeback

posted in 1 September 2013

It’s official! After eight months of vocal rest, mark your agenda for Leila’s comeback to stages on September 15th at Sala Monasterio, in Barcelona, at 09:30PM. Join the event on Facebook, spread the word and don’t miss this night of soul and full of good energy!

A «Miss» for «Mr.O»…

posted in 30 May 2013

The rest that Leila is being taken, due to vocal cord injury and that still keeps her away from the stages for a few months, is bearing fruits! Among lyrics and new compositions, has emerged the one that will be the ‘girlfriend’ of «Mr.O» and on Facebook we propose you to give name to this «Miss», the protagonist of the new song! We’re waiting for your suggestions!

SoulSpain’s TOP10

posted in 25 May 2013

«Mr.O» still fights for the major positions of the SoulSpain’s TOP10. Having been at #1 in March, Leila’s first single rises up again to #2 on the list! It seems that «Mr.O» wants to get back to the first place ;)

Talking with… Leila Montes

posted in 22 May 2013

In the blog ‘La Cámara Me Adora’, Carla Siibil de Saavedra talks with Leila in a very personal interview… Read it here

«I wanted to tell my truth»

posted in 4 February 2013

Esteban Novillo interviews Leila at the UMOmag magazine. Read it here

Success in the Sala Monasterio

posted in 19 January 2013

So was the «Influences» release party in the Sala Monasterio! A night of funk, soul and, besides the songs from the album, two versions, one from Prince and another of Jill Scott. In the words of Leila «a night of music and a lot of honest and good energy». Those you missed the concert, look for pictures on Facebook!

Few hours to go…

posted in 18 January 2013

And the big day of the «Influences» release party is today! So, this week, there were over talking echoes in the network about the disc, the concert and Leila. We want to thank all the amazing articles and all who have spread the word about this project which will be presented today at Sala Monasterio at 10PM. See you there!

Leila in ‘Cloud Jazz’

posted in 13 January 2013

‘Cloud Jazz’ has just published a review of «Influences». Don’t miss the full article here. ‘Cloud Jazz’ is a program from a jazz station located in Los Angeles, which discloses the best news in the world of Smooth Jazz.

«Mr.O» in YouTube

posted in 11 January 2013

The video for «Mr.O» has exceeded 3600 views on YouTube! This achievement is yours, so thank you very much! and… keep sharing it!

Leila in ‘Blackcelona’

posted in 8 January 2013

Blackcelona echoes the «Influences» release party and helps us to remind you that on January 18, 2013 you have an appointment with Leila… More information here.

New CD release party

posted in 22 November 2012

We have a date for the «Influences» release party! It will be on January 18, 2013 at Sala Monasterio, in Barcelona. Eight musicians on stage and Leila to offer a night of soul, funky and much more! Are you going to miss it? Join the Facebook event, mark it on your agenda and spread the word!

New Site

posted in 10 November 2012

We just released the new site! Hope you like it and we would like to know what you think about the new design (you can do it here)

Now on sale!

posted in 11 October 2012

From October 11, 2012 you can buy the physical disc at Discos Castelló c/Tallers nº7 Barcelona. Enjoy it!

«Influences» release

posted in 24 September 2012

On September 24, 2012 Leila’s first work «Influences» was released worldwide. An album born from the need to express years of dedication to music through songs where confluence the sung and lived. You can listen it here or get your copy at iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. Along with the album was also premiered the video of the first single «Mr.O» which is being a hit in the social network!